Soal Dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Kelas 7 SMP

Gratis PTK - Berikut kami bagikan Contoh Soal dan Jawaban Mata Pelajaran Bahasa InggrisKelas 7 Semester 2 :

This text below is for the questions 1 to 3

My Favorite Animal
My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black,
but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink.
Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn’t walk,
it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots.
Rabbits are very funny.

1. How many ears does the rabbit have?
A. Two ears C. Four ears
B. Three ears D. Five ears

Jaawab : a

2. Does it has short teeth?
A. Yes, it does C. Yes, it doesn’t
B. No, it does D. No, it doesn’t

Jaawab : d

3. What is the title of the text?
A. Rabbits are very funny C. My Favorite Animal
B. My Animal D. Rabbit

Jaawab : c

This text below is for the questions 4 and 5

4. The caution above warns us to ….
A. Make the flower wet
B. Walk on the slippery floor
C. Be careful to walk on the wet floor
D. Clean the wet floor so it won’t be slippery

Jawab : c

5. Where do you usually find the notice above?
A. On the street C. In the market
B. In the garden D. In the hospital
Jawab : d

This picture below is for the questions 6 and 7

He is Giring Nidji. He is a singer. His songs are very famous. He is 170 cm and her
skin is brown. He has …. (6) hair and black. He has …. (7) eyes and brown. He is very

6. A. Straight B. Blonde C. Curly D. Bald

Jaawab : c

7. A. Round B. Slanting C. Big D. long

Jawab : b

Observe the dialogue below and answer the question 8 and 10
Father : Sin, can you help me, please?
Sinta : Yes, dad.
Father : Can you get me the newspaper?
Sinta : Where is it?
Father : Emm… May be it’s on the table.
Sinta : Yes, I got it.
Father : Thanks for helping me.
Sinta : It’s ok dad. Don’t worry, anytime.

8. In the text above Sinta is a …. girl. She is ready to help her father anytime.
A. Lazy C. Beautiful
B. Kind D. Smart

Jawab : b

8. How many characters are there in the dialogue above?
A. Two C. Three
B. One D. Four

Jawab : c

10. My father is a doctor. He examines … carefully.
A. Patients C. Students
B. Fashions D. Books

Jawab : a

This text below is for the questions 11 to 13

Rania is my sister. She is a … (11). She works in a …. (12) of Sukabumi city. She helps
the doctor and look after the patients. She gives the patients the …(13), and she often
talks to them and listen their problem.

11. A. Patient B. Doctor C. Nurse D. Dentist

Jawab : c

12. A. Office B. Hospital C. School D. Market

Jawab : b

13. A. Stove B. Medicine D. Blackboard D. School uniform

Jawab : b

For number 14 below read the notice
Line – cross – don’t – police – the
1 2 3 4 5

14. Arrange these words above into a good notice.
A. 4-5-3-2-1 C. 3-2-5-4-1
B. 4-3-5-2-1 D. 3-2-1-4-5

Jawab : c

15. Mita: I’m really sorry, The …. Is too small. I’m afraid that it won’t be a good place for us to practice cooking.
Dita : Oh, it is fine, Mita. It is comfortable enough for us to practice cooking.

What is the most suitable word to fill in the blank?
a. living room
b. bed room
c. kitchen
d. dining room

Jawab : C

16. Adit: Doni, your cat is very cute. It has very soft fur.
Doni: Besides cute, my cat is also …… . It is always fun to spare
my time with my cat.

From the conversation, we know that Doni’s cat is …

a. playful
b. funny
c. ridiculous
d. fierce

Jawab : A

17. Deni: Look! Marno is very happy playing with the ball
Tedi : Yes he He never looks …..

What is the right word to complete Tedi’s expression?
a. happy
b. delighted
c. sad
d. angry

Jawab : C

18. Sinta: Do you have any pet?
Mita : Yes, I I have a cat.
Sinta: That is very nice. What .......?
Mita : My cat is bigger than other cats in the neighborhood. It is a Persian cat.
It has grey fur and big eyes.

What is the correct expression to complete Mita’s question?
a. Does it look like?
b. Does they look like?
c. Do it looks like?
d. Do they look like?

Jawab : A

19. Anto : Have you seen my cat?
Vito : No, I have not. It must be fun to have a cat in the house. I’m curious about
it. What......?

What will be the complete expression?

a. Are it like?
b. Does it like?
c. Is it like?
d. Do it like?

Jawab : C

20. Adit: Doni, what is wrong with you? You look very …..
Doni : I am not happy with my test score. I think I have studied very hard, but the
score is very disappointing.
Adit: I am really sorry to hear that.

From the dialogue, we conclude that Doni is very ….
a. upset
b. delighted
c. diligent
d. intelligent

Jawab : A

21. Mrs. Ica always goes to the supermarket. She works to count the price of the buyer’s groceries. She is a …

a. Cashier
b. Doctor
c. Journalist
d. Painter

Jawab : A

22. Complete the sentence below using the correct form simple present tense!

He … not want to eat anything today.

a. Do
b. Does
c. Are
d. Is

Jawab : B

23. Rearrange these words into the correct sentence.

always - on time - join - class - the - I

a. I always join the class on time
b. I always on time join the class
c. Join the class I always on time
d. The class on time I always join

Jawab : A

24. I have never missed any assignments because I.. set reminders.

a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Seldom
d. Never

Jawab : A

25. Adit: I feel tired and I feel dizzy today.

Ana : I think……… and don’t leave the bed if it is not necessary.

a. I must take some rest too
b. You must sing
c. You should lie down and have some rest
d. I will take you to the hospital

Jawab : : C

26. Ica: Do you like watching movies?
Sinta : ………………………..
Ica: What is your favorite movie?
Sinta : My favorite movie is Laskar Pelangi

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is?

a. I dislike watching movie
b. I love watching movies
c. It’s not my favorite one
d. I hate watching movie

Jawab : B

27. There is something in the pencil case. It is made of wood. We use it to write. It is a ....
A. pen
B. book
C. eraser
D. pencil

Jawab : D

This text is for number 28 to 29!

This is my new bicycle. It really great. It looks cool and modern. It is black and green. It has strong wheels with thick tire and white rim. It it is also has a drink bottle attached on it. It is very useful if it get thirsty while bicycling. I ride my bicycle to go to school.

28. Which sentence is CORRECT based on the description ?

A. The writer’s bicycle doesn’t have drink bottle
B. It is a modern bicycle with a thick wheels
C. The writer usually rides bicycle to school
D. It is blue and green with strong wheel

Jawab : C

29. I like my hometown. It is cool and green. There are my new building. The street and the markets are clean. There are many plants on the sides of the road. But I don’t like something about my town. The traffic is rather dangerous.

The writer doesn’t like his hometown because .....
A. There are new building
B. The town is not clean
C. The town has many plants
D. The traffic is dangerous

Jawab : D

Observe the dialogue below and answer the question 30 to 32
Jihan : Good morning, Ms. Yuli.
Ms. Yuli : Good morning, Jihan.
Jihan : I’m sorry, I’m late.
Ms. Yuli : That’s OK. Come in, please.
Jihan : Thank you.
Ms. Yuli : Right. Now, Look at the picture. What’s this in English, Jesica?
Jesica : It’s a ruler.
Ms. Yuli : Good. Now open your book on page ten and study the dialogue.

30. Who is late?
A. Ms. Yuli C. Jesica
B. Jihan D. Mr. Yuli

Jawab : b

31. What does Jihan say to Ms. Yuli?
A. I’m sorry, to hear that C. I’m sorry, I don’t understand
B. I’m sorry, I’m late D. I’m sorry, come in.

Jawab : b

32. The sentences below are the instruction, except…
A. Come in, please.! C. Open your book!
B. Look at the picture! D. What is your name?

Jawab : d

33. I'm very thirsty. I need ... of water.

a. a bottle of
b. a piece of
c. a bowl of
d. a plate of

Jawaban: A

34. I have a lot of....

a. Monies
b. Money
c. Moneys
d. A money

Jawaban: B

35. .... I right?

a. Is
b. Am
c. Are
d. They

Jawaban: B

36. He's .... England

a. Go
b. After
c. From
d. Before

Jawaban: C

37. Mrs Dina always ... to her school.

a. Drives her car
b. Is Driving her car
c. Driving her car
d. Drive her car

Jawaban: A

38. My mother has two ...

a. Babyes
b. Baby
c. Babies
d. Babys

Jawaban: C

39. Lala and Dita alwasy ... each other.

a. Helping
b. Helped
c. Helps
d. Help

Jawaban: D

40. Rio: Pleas call me if you need.

Dito: No, I ... need your help, thank you.

a. Does
b. Do not
c. Does not
d. Is not

Jawaban: B

41. The cows eat …
A. Bone C. Fish
B. Grass D. Birds

Jaawab : b

42. This animal lives in the sea and has tentacles. What animal is it?
A. Octopus C. Zebra
B. Elephant D. Tiger

Jaawab : a

43. A rabbit has two long ears, a small tail and ….
A. Shell C. Fur
B. Horns D. Claws

Jaawab : c

44. Our school yard is very wide. We can play …. Here

a. chess
b. computer games
c. badminton
d. hide and seek

Jawab : C

45. Eki: The music is too loud. Please turn … the volume so that I can have more concentration

Eko : I’m sorry, Eki. I will do it then.

a. out
b. in
c. down
d. up

Jawab :: C

46. Ica: Your room is too dark, May I open the …. Please
Caca : Of course, Ica. Thank you very much.

a. door
b. roof
c. curtains
d. roof

Jawab :: C

47. Adit : Dodi, your house is actually so far away from the school, but you always
come to school …..
Dodi: I always go to school at 6.00 a.m. That’s why I’m never late.

What is the correct word to fill in the blank in Adit’s sentence?

a. at time
b. on time
c. for time
d. in time

Jawab :B

48. Rita: Ani, your couch is very cute.
Ani : Thank you. I love this couch too.
Rita : Your couch has a lovely …
Ani : Yes, red is my favorite.

What is the most suitable word to fill in the blank?
a. size
b. colour
c. shape
d. model

Jawab : B

49. The students borrow the books in the ....

a. Library
b. Toilet
c. School yard
d. Canteen

Jawaban: A

50. Siska: ..... are you from?

Claryn: I'm from rome.

a. When
b. What
c. Where
d. What

Jawaban: C

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